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1) Draw a riveted butt joint to connect two plates of 14mm thick and determine its efficiency.

2) Plate of 100 mm x 10mm is to be connected to other plate of 120 mm x 10mm through the lap joint. Determine the needed fillet weld.

3) Draw the unequal angle section to act as the tie member 1.56m long in the roof truss if it is to carry the axial load of 120 kN. Use (i) Hand Driven Rivet at joints (ii) Fillet Weld at joints.

4) Two channels ISMC 300 at 358 N/m are to be placed back to back and used as the column of effective length of 4.5m. Find out minimum clear distance to be maintained between back of channels to get maximum strength. Suppose allowable stress as 140 N/mm2. Also determine the maximum load that column can carry.

5) Beam, consisting of ISMB 600 at 122.6 kg/m, is Simply supported over the span of 8.5m. Find out the safe load the beam can carry, suppose that the beam is laterally supported. Let σy = 250 N/mm2 and E = 2 x 105 N/mm2.

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