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problem 1:

Discuss how Zener diode maintains constant voltage across the load?

problem 2:

Illustrate out the term Power amplifier. Make a distinction between voltage and power amplifier?

problem 3:

prepare down short notes on decoders and encoders.

problem 4:

Discuss the working principle between different types of the shift registers.

problem 5:

Sketch the Pin configuration of the 8085 microprocessor and describe.

problem 6:

Discuss the Architecture of the 8085 with the use of neat diagram.

problem 7:

Critically describe the Measurement System with its elements.

problem 8:

Illustrate out the Bar code system.

problem 9:

Illustrate out the Car Park Barrier system by using mechatronics system.

problem 10:

Make a distinction between Traditional and Mechatronic Design.

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