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1)(i) Describe how a metal micro electrode is formed? Design its electrical equivalent circuit and describe.

(ii) Design the circuit diagram of Darlington pair isolation amplifier and describe in detail.

2)(i) Describe the medical use of chopper amplifier? Design the diagram of mechanical chopper amplifier and describe its working.

(ii) Design the ECG curves for Normal adult, Myocardial infarction, coronary insufficiency and ventricular fibrillations.

3)(i) Design the buffer amplifier circuit and describe its working

(ii) Describe the working of a Chopper amplifier in detail.

4) Describe the working of the following in detail:

(i)EEG Recorder

(ii) EMG System

5) describe about clinical significance, lead configuration, recording methods and waveforms of ECG in detail.

6) describe about the basic components of a biomedical system in detail.

7) prepare down the electrodes used in biomedical and describe the types of electrodes in detail with diagrams.

8)(i) Describe in detail any four types of surface electrodes.

(ii) describe the needle-electrodes and its types in detail.

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