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problem 1)a) List out the common postulates used to formulate different algebraic structures.

b) Define parity generator and checking.

c) What is the magnitude comparator? With the circuit diagram and expressions describe the 4-bit magnitude comparator.

problem 2)a) Design a combinational circuit that converts 4-bit gray code to binary number.

b) Design a sequential circuit with two D-flip-flops A, B and one input x. When x=0 the state of the circuit remains same. When x=1, the circuit goes through the state transition from 00 to 01 to 11 to 10 back to 00and repeats.

c) Construct 4x16 decoder from two 3x8 decoder.

problem 3)a) Given, JA=x, KA=B’

JB=x, KB=A

Design the circuit diagram. Derive state table, state equation and state diagrams.

b) What is sequential circuit? Describe with block diagram.

c) Describe with circuit of positive edge triggered flip-flop which consists of 3 SR latch.

problem 4)a) Design the circuit diagram of 4-bit universal shift register.

b) What is ripple and synchronous counter? Describe with suitable ex.

c) describe counter with unused state using ex.

problem 5)a) List the PAL programming table for BCD to Excess-3 code converter. Mark the fuse map in PAL.

b) A 12 bit hamming code word containing 8-bits of data and 4 parity bits is read from memory. What was the original 8 bit data word that was written into memory if the 12 bit word read out is as 000011101010

c) Describe types of ROM in brief.

problem 6)a) Describe error detection and correction using hamming code.

b) Describe Schmitt trigger with waveforms.

c) Describe the terms given below.

a) Resolution

b) Offset error

c) Setting time

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