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1) Designing of digital filters to remove/reduce un-wanted noise from a desired signal.

a) Provide pertinent summary of the basic principles behind ECG monitoring

b) Using MATLAB, provide plots of the “clean” and “noisy” ECG signals. Investigate the spectral estimation of the clean and noisy signals, using MATLAB code and SPTOOL, Discuss fully the results and conclusions you reach.

c) Using your findings in Q1 (b), design FIR filters.

i) The following equation h[n], is an approximation of an impulse response for the FIR filter. Use MATLAB coding to design a FIR filter, with the Hamming window applied to its coefficients. Once you are satisfied with your design, use convolution to apply your filter to the noisy ECG signal.
                     h[n]=(sin?(nπ Fc/Fn ))/nπ

ii) Using your findings in Q1(a) and Q1(b),  design appropriate FIR filters in SPTOOL.  Apply each suitable filter design to the noisy signal, to allow comparison of the result in Q1(c)(i).

iii) Compare and contrast your results.

d) Using SPTOOL, design an IIR digital filter and compare the performance  to the FIR filters designed in Q1(c)


a) Using the coefficients obtained for the noisy signal and the FIR filter in Q1(c)(i) implement on the TMS320VC5510DSK. You could use and modify any of the files provided in the Board Support Library (BSL) or with Code Composer Studio (CCS).

b) Discuss the methodology for implementation and your understanding on ‘real-time’ DSP.

3) Report structure should include appropriate sections, analysis, comments/conclusions. Ensure Harvard referencing is used.

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