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1. Determine the cost of generation per kW-hr from data given below.

Capacity of the plant - 120MW
Capital cost - Rs.1,200 per kW installed
Interest and depreciation - 10 %on capital
Fuel consumption - 1.2 kg / kW-hr.
Fuel cost - Rs. 40 tone
Salaries, wages, repairs and maintenance - 6, 00,000 / year

Maximum demand is 80 MW and load factor is 40 %.

2. Central power station has annual factors which are given below:

Load factor = 60%
Capacity factor = 40%
Use factor = 45%
Power station has a maximum demand of 15,000kW.

Find out; Annual energy production, Reserve capacity over and above peak load, Hours per year not in service.

3. A power station has two 60MW units each running for 1500hours a year. Energy produced per year is 700 x 106 kW-hr. Compute the plant load factor and plant use factor.

4. a) Design and describe the two pool tidal power plant.

b) describe with help of neat and suitable sketch the working of solar thermal receiver system plant and prepare down the advantages and disadvantages of concentrating collectors over flat plate collectors.

5. Describe the various system used for generating power by using geothermal energy.

6. What do you mean by power plant economics? Describe the fixed costs and operating costs of the power station.

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