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1) Design and describe the parts of a combination dies, and method of processing of fine blanks in it.

2) What is meant by High energy rate forming?  prepare down different methods used in it. Describe any one method by using appropriate diagrams.

3) Describe with neat and suitable diagram the process of Gas welding. Describe why is it preferred to other conventional welding methods.

4) Design and describe the important features of Laser electron beam welding.

5) prepare down the properties of molding sand.  Design and describe the permeability test conducted on molding sand.

6) Describe the pressure die casting method with a neat and suitable diagram. prepare down its limitations.

7) Describe how are grinding wheels designated.  describe how to choose a grinding wheel for particular applications.

8) describe metal spraying in detail.  prepare down its applications.  Describe any one method used for metal spraying.

9) Describe the requirement and significance for rapid prototyping in the modern world.  prepare down methods used for rapid protyping. How are the methods selected for a particular need.

10) Describe the principle and working of selective laser sintering. prepare down its advantages and limitations.

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