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1) Describe Rat trap bond in detail and prepare down its features and uses.

2) Design and describe T-junction and L-junction in brick masonry.

3) Design a brick and a name its components.

4) prepare brief notes on hollow clay blocks and terracotta.

5) Describe hay and palm as rural construction material.

6) Describe process of manufacture of bricks with their properties.

7) Design various kinds of bricks and various kinds of bonds in brick masonry.

8) Design plan and elevation to suitable scale of a semicircular brick arch of span 3mts. prepare down its important features.

9) Describe the manufacturing process of clay tiles, and prepare down various types of clay tiles with illustration,

10) A rule house of 18sq. m is mud wall and bamboo with thatched roof. Design plan, elevation details to appropriate scale.

11) Design to a appropriate scale plan, elevation and joinery details a house of 15sq.mts with bamboo foundation, flooring, and wall.

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