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1) describe the following:

a) Thermodynamics

b) System.

c) Boundary

d) Surroundings.

2) prepare down the various industrial uses of compressed air.

3) Describe Zeroth law of thermodynamics.

4) Describe the phenomenon of heat transfer by conduction.

5) What are the basic components of a hydraulic system and describe its function.

6) 2.5 m3 of a gas at 8 bar abs. pressure expand at constant temperature to a volume of 10 m3. Determine the final pressure of the gas.

7) Describe with neat and suitable sketch the construction and working of centrifugal compressor.

8) Derive the expression for the efficiency of an engine working on otto cycle.

9) prepare detailed note on following:

a) Isothermal process

b) Throttling Process.

c) One tonne of refrigeration.

10) Describe with the help of neat sketch the working of hydraulic jack and also prepare down the law on which it works.

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