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problem 1)a) Describe the functional block diagram of 8085 microprocessor.

b) What is a latch IC? Describe its role interfacing.

problem 2)a) What is the role of various flags in 8085. describe with ex.

b) Describe partial and full decoding with ex.

problem 3)a) Draw and describe the timing diagram for an instruction MVI A,05.

b) Describe the execution of following instructions.


ii) POP

iii) PCHL.

problem 4)a) What is stack memory? How is it accessed?

b) prepare an 8085 Subroutine to swap the nibbles of 8 bit number.

problem 5)a) Describe mode 1 operation of 8255 PPI.

b) Draw and describe the block diagram of 8255 PPI.

problem 6)a) List and describe all I/O related instructions of 8085.

b) What are the advantages and disadvantages of I/O mapped I/O over Memory mapped I/O.

c) Compare interrupt driven I/O and polled I/O.

problem 7)a) Describe various interrupts of 8085.

b) Describe mode 0 and mode 1 operation of 8253 with neat diagrams.

problem 8)a) Draw the block diagram of 8253. describe in brief.

b) What is ISR? How is it executed in 8085?

problem 9)a) Draw and describe the programmer's model of 8086.

b) Describe Maximum mode operation of 8086.

problem 10)a) Describe Minimum mode operation of 8086.

b) What is segmentation? Describe in detail.

problem 11)a) prepare an 8086 assembly language program to reverse 5 numbers in an array.

b) Describe different registers of 8086.

problem 12)a) prepare an 8086 assembly language program to convert two digit Hexadecimal number into equivalent Binary Coded Decimal number.

b) List and describe the any 3 DOS and BIOS Calls each.

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