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1. What are the differences between Pour Plates, Spread Plates, and Streak Plates in the microbiology laboratory? describe when you would use each technique.

2. What are the limiting factors to the maximum size a cell can obtain? Compare and contrast metabolic rates of prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

3. What events do most antiviral drugs target? What are the possible side-effects of these drugs for the host?

4. Describe three different types of microbial interactions. Which one do you think is the most important in controlling microbial numbers and why?

5. Why is it important for a cell to be able to control biochemical reactions? In what ways can a cell control biochemical reactions?

6. What is bacterial Conjugation and why is it ecologically important? Why is it considered to be important in the development of antibiotic resistance?

7. What is the role of chromosomal mutations in the survival of microorganisms? How frequently do beneficial mutations occur and what environmental factors can affect it? What are the mechanisms a cell uses to repair chromosomal mutations?

8. What are some of the ways that chemotherapeutic agents interfere with normal microbial activity? Give an ex. What are some of the related problems with your ex on the host?

9. Some scientists feel that there is a battle taking place between an invasive microorganism and its host. Please describe.

10. I recently took a cruise. On board, they had people stationed in front of the dining room with antiseptic hand washes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of frequently using antiseptic hand washes?

11. Type the search words "DNA vaccine" into an Internet browser. Find at least two recent vaccine trials that are listed and describe their purposes and outcome.

12. What are the different types of antibodies and what roles do they play in the immune process?

13. Viruses and prions are able to kill their hosts. Does the ability to kill indicate that they are alive? Why or why not?

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