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problem 1:

a) Describe the working principle of Bourdon pressure gauge with the help of a neat sketch.

b) Find the torque needed to rotate a shaft of diameter 60mm at 1200 rpm concentrically with a sleeve of 60.18 mm in diameter and 12m long filled with oil. Kinematic viscosity of oil is 0.82 x 104m2/s. Specific gravity of oil is 0.75.
problem 2:

a) An annular plate 6m external diameter and 3m internal diameter with its greatest and least depths below the surface being 4m and 2m respectively. find out the magnitude, direction and location of the force acting upon one side of the plate due to water pressure.

b) A trapezoidal plate measuring 1.5m at the top edge and 2.5m at the bottom edge is immersed in water with the plate making an angle of 300 to the free surface of water. The  top and bottom edges lie at 1m and 2m respectively from the surface. Sketch the configuration. Determine the hydrostatic force on the plate.
problem 3:

a) A piston 886mm diameter and 250mm long works in a cylinder of 900mm diameter. If the annular space is filled with a lubricating oil of viscosity 6 poise, find out the speed of descent of piston in vertical position. The weight of piston and axial load are 11.8N.

b) describe the phenomenon of vapour pressure.
problem 4:

a) Define the term centre of pressure of the plane area immersed in a fluid. What relation has it got with the centre of gravity of the area? Do the centre of pressure and centre of gravity ever coincide and if so under what conditions?

b) describe the term total pressure acting on a plane surface immersed in a fluid at any angle.

Obtain an expression for this, and also for the corresponding depth of the centre of pressure.

problem 5:

a) Show that the pressure at a point in a static fluid is equal in all directions.
b) Bring out the advantages and disadvantages of a piezometer and a pressure gauge in measuring the pressure at a point.

problem 6:

a) Define linear momentum and angular momentum and list out any four practical applications of each.

b) A converging pipe of 30 cm and 15 cm diameter carrying water is positioned inclined whose inlet and outlet are at 6 m and 1 m above the datum. The pressure at inlet is 1.5 bar and velocity is 5 m/sec. Find the pressure of water at the outlet of the pipe. Neglect the losses.

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