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1) a) Compare AM (with full carrier) with the DSBSC and SSB in terms of various parameters of relevance in communication.

b) Discuss the detection scheme for the AM using the Square Law detector.

2) describe the working of an AM transmitter with the help of neat diagram.

3) a) Deduce the expression for the WBFM.

b) prepare comparison of the AM and FM modulations.

4) a) Describe the working of the FM using the Armstrong method.

b) Describe how the Varactor diode is used for the FM generation.

5) Discuss the transmitter and receiver of Delta modulation in detail.

6) Discuss the generation and reception of the PSK signal in detail.

7) a) A satellite at the distance of 40,000 Km from a point on the Earth’s surface radiates a power of 10 W from an antenna with the gain of 17 dB in the direction of the observer. Determine the flux density at the receiving point and the power received by an antenna at this point with an effective area of 10 m2

b) Assume we have the 4 GHz receiver with the following gain and noise temperatures.

Tin = 25 K GRF= 23 dB

TRF = 50 K GIF = 30 dB

TIF = 1000 K

Tm = 500 K

Determine the system noise temperature considering that the mixer has a gain Gm = 0 dB. Re-find out the system noise temperature when the mixer has a 10 dB loss. How can the noise temperature of the receiver be minimized when the mixer has a loss of 10 dB?

8) Describe the following on the given topic:

a) Fiber loss

b) Dispersion in optical fiber

9) describe the evolution of Cellular communication.

10) Describe the personal satellite communication systems.

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