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1) describe the construction and working of Benson boiler, with the help of suitable diagram?

2) Describe the working of Nuclear Power Plant with the suitable sketch?

3) describe the construction and working of a Centrifugal Compressor with the help of suitable diagram?

4) Discuss the ammonia water absorption refrigeration cycle in brief with the help of appropriate diagram.

5) A 6 cylinder four –stroke engine of 340mm bore and 390mm stroke was tested and the below given information was taken.

Engine speed = 360rpm

Brake power = 180kW

Mean effective pressure = 3.8 bar

Calorific value of fuel = 45000 kJ/kg

Fuel consumption per minute = 0.77kg

Flow of cooling water = 64 kg/min ; with the temperature rise of 9°C. Make the heat balance sheet for engine.

6) Describe the working of Magneto ignition system and contrast between its merits and demerits with the battery ignition system.

7) Deduce the general three dimensional heat conduction equation in the Cartesian coordinates.

8) A surface wall is formed of the three layers, one of the fire brick, one of the insulating brick, and one of red brick. The inner and outer surface temperatures are 900°C and 30°C respectively. The respective thermal conductivity of three layers are 1.2, 0.14, and 0.9W/mK and the thickness are 20 cm, 8 cm and 11 cm. Suppose the close bonding of layers at interfaces. Determine the heat loss per square meter and interface temperatures.

9) A multi stage air compressor is to be developed in order to estimate the pressure from 1 bar to 120 bar such that single stage pressure ration not to exceed 4.


 a) Number of stages

 b) Exact stage pressure ratio

 c) Intermediate pressure.

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