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Answer the following problems in detail.

problem 1) What do you mean by base load and peak load plants? What kinds of power plants are used as base load and peak load plants and describe why? prepare down the factors that are considered in choosing a plant as base load plant or peak load plant?

problem 2) Draw a neat and well labelled diagram of storage type hydro-electric power plants compared with power plants.

problem 3) Why the scale formation is a more serious problem in closed cooling system compared with once through system? Describe the various methods used to reduce the scale formation and resistance to corrosion

problem 4) prepare down the problems that are encountered in the design of gas turbine combustion chamber? Sketch a neat sketch of a combustion chamber used in modern open type gas turbine power plant. What are the desirable requirements from the combustion system?

problem 5) prepare down the basic radioactive pollutants? What are their bad effects on human and vegetarian life? Describe the various methods adopted to control the nuclear pollution?

problem 6) prepare down the advantages of combined operating the power plants in electric power system? Describe the method of determining the distribution of the  given load among the two plants for most  economic generation

problem 7) Describe the working of hydroelectric plants having ample storage with steam power plants.

problem 8) Sketch a neat diagram of CANDU type reactor and provide its advantages and disadvantages over other types. Under what conditions this reactor is ' more preferable than PWR or BWR?

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