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1) State the use of hydraulic energy in order to produce the electricity.

2) describe the limitations of tidal power plant.

3) Draw a neat sketch of Biogas plant. describe its two advantages.

4) Draw a neat sketch of solar photovoltaic cell. State some of its application.

5) Describe the working of nuclear power plant with suitable diagram.

6) Describe the working of cylindrical parabolic concentrating collector.

7) Describe following given term:

a) Process

b) Intensive property

c) Extensive property

d) state

8) describe the kelvin plank statement and State the zeroth law of thermodynamics.

9) prepare differences between refrigerator and heat pump.

10) Prove the following expression:
C.O.P. (heat pump) = C.O.P .(refri.) + 1

11) The COP of a refrigerator operating on the carnot cycle is 5.4 when it manages the -5 degree in the evaporator. Determine the condenser temperature and refrigerating effect of power needed to drive the unit in 5kw.

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