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Answer the following problems in detail.

problem 1) Describe the function of thermostat in Engine and Cooling system.

problem 2) Draw Otto cycle on P- V and T-S diagram.

problem 3) What do you understand by knocking? describe why.

problem 4) Which has a higher sped, a Sl engine of a CI engine? describe why

problem 5) What are the requirements of good combustion chamber for S.I. engine?

problem 6) How does the air fuel ratio affect engine's performance?

problem 7) Describe the requirements of an ideal injection.

problem 8) Distinguish between lower and higher calorific values of fuel and their applications.

problem 9) prepare down briefly the limitations experienced in the evaluation of friction power, using Wilian's line method.

problem 10) What is the need for supercharging and what are the Turbo charged engines.

problem 11) Describe the various stages of combustion in C.I. engines elaborating the flame front propagation.

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