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1) What do you mean by cost of electrical generation? prepare down the different types of cost associated with power generation?

2) Monthly reading of a consumer meter are as follows:

Maximum demand =150kw , Energy consumed 1X 105units,
Reactive energy = 75MVARhr,

If the tariff is Rs 50per KW per month of maximum demand + 15Paise per unit + Rs 3per KW for each 0.1 P.F below 0.8, compute the monthly bill of the consumer.

3) What do you mean by a tariff? Describe and compare different tariff used in practice.

4)(a) Describe the term depreciation and describe different methods of computing the depreciation of an electrical plant.

(b) What are load curves and load duration curves? describe their utility in the economics of generation.

5) Generating stations as maximum demand (MD) of 15 MW and the daily load curve on station is as follows,

10pm to 05 am 2500 KW      01pm to 04pm 10000KW
05am to 07 am 3000KW       04pm to 06pm 12000KW
07pm to 11am 9000KW        06 pm to 08pm 15000KW
11am to 01pm 6000KW        08pm to 10pm 5000KW.

Find out the size and the number of generator units, plant load factor, plant capacity factor, use factor and reserve capacity of plant.

6)(a) Describes the requirement for power factor correction.

(b) A 3phase synchronous. Motor is connected in parallel with a load of 500 KW, 0.8p.f lagging and its excitation is adjusted until it raises the total P.F to 0.9 lagging. If mechanical load on the motor including loss takes 125KW, compute the KVA input to the motor. Design pharos diagram for condition.

7)i) prepare down the disadvantages of low power factor? Describe how to avoid it?

ii) prepare down the measures relates to power quality.

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