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problem 1: Drawing on exs from your own broad experience over many years in civil engineering, describe the concept of safety culture in the construction industry, commenting on any key changes which have occurred in the past 30 years.

problem 2: Describe the significance of safety in civil engineering projects, with particular reference to the impact of the Construction (design and management) regulations 1994 on all parties by using exs from your own experience.

problem 3: There is a common concept of safety culture in the construction industry. Describe.

problem 4: Describe how you have implemented health and safety legislation on the projects which you have worked on and describe what opportunities you consider there are for improving the health and safety performance.

problem 5: The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 have not made adequate impact on the construction industry's safety record. Describe.

problem 6: Describe the responsibility of engineers to make sure that designs are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally acceptable and also functional.

problem 7: Describe the parameters you would explore to accomplish a cost effective solution to a drainage problem. Comprise social and environmental issues in your argument.

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