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problem 1: In any big civil engineering project efficient delegation and communication is often more significant than technical expertise. Describe.

problem 2: Effective delegation is necessary for career development, company competitiveness and efficient project delivery. Describe your experiences of delegation to others in project teams and how you can make sure that project quality and program do not suffer.

problem 3: Describe the significance of effective communication throughout the design and construction of civil engineering works. Describe the role a significance of Quality procedures in this process.

problem 4: Describe the measures to be taken in order to maximize the integration of multi disciplinary teams to produce a satisfactory outcome for both Client and Contractor.

problem 5: Assess the significance of establishing a co-operation between the Client, Designer and the Contractor and describe the contractual principles that you would consider significant if any of these relationships break down.

problem 6: Drawing from your own experience describe the challenges a civil engineer has to face beyond the design and supervision of a construction project. Please comprise illustrations of any liaison with landowners, and the influence public consultation procedures might have on a project.

problem 7: Effective communication throughout the design and construction stage of civil engineering works is significant. Describe.

problem 8: Drawing on your experience describe the significance of effective communication on major construction sites highlighting the difficulties and problems which can be encountered in the management of design information and how you would overcome them.

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