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problem 1: Describe how you would consider sustainability if managing the design and/or construction of a project similar to your experience.

problem 2: Protecting the environment, the prudent use and re-use of natural resources and maintaining the economic growth all contribute towards sustainable development. Describe this statement, drawing on your own experience where suitable.

problem 3: Describe the preparation of potable water supply contingency plans for periods of severe drought; how such plans would be implemented and hygiene, safety, environmental, financial and legislative constraints which might apply.

problem 4: Chartered Engineers bear very heavy responsibility for the advice they give to the authorities and clients regarding the ethical, environmental and financial consequences of the projects they recommend. How are such matters assessed and how do you consider your training has prepared you for such responsibilities?

problem 5: Drawing from your own experience describes the challenges a civil engineer has to face beyond the design and supervision of a construction project. Please comprise exs of any liaison with landowners and the influence public consultation procedures might have on a project.

problem 6: What direction do you think UK transport policy must take?

problem 7: How must the public is consulted throughout the planning and design of civil engineering works?

problem 8: Describe the role of the civil engineer in affecting the political decisions on public works.

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