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1) Draw the polar plot for transfer function given below and determine Gain cross over frequency, Phase cross over frequency, Gain margin and Phase margin. G(S) = 400/ S (S+2) (S+10)

2) Unity feedback system has open loop transfer function G(S)=20/ S(S+2) (S+5). By using Nichol’s chart find out the closed loop frequency Response and find out all frequency domain specifications.

3) Draw the Bode plot and therefore determine Gain cross over frequency, Phase cross over frequency, Gain margin and Phase margin: G(S)= 10(1+0.1S)/ S (1+0.01S) (1+S).

4) prepare detailed notes on correlation between time and frequency response?

5) What do you mean by compensation? Why it is required for control system? Describe the kinds of compensation

6) Realize basic compensators by using electrical network and get the transfer function.

7) Draw a appropriate lead compensators for system with unity feedback and having open loop transfer function G(S)= K/ S(S+1) (S+4) to meet the specifications.

(i) Damping ratio=0.5

(ii) Undamped natural frequency ωn=2 rad/sec.

8) Unity feedback system has the open loop transfer function G(S) = K/ S(S+1) (0.2S+1). Draw a appropriate phase lag compensators to achieve specifications given Kv= 8 and Phase margin 40 deg with usual notation.

9) Describe the procedure for lead compensation and lag compensation.

10) Describe the design procedure for lag-lead compensation.

11) Consider the type 1 unity feedback system with the OLTF G(S)=K/S (S+1) (S+4). System is to be compensated to meet specifications given Kv> 5sec and PM>43 deg. Draw appropriate lag compensators.

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