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1)(a) Implement the following expression.  Suppose that only true values are available.  Use two level AND – OR implementation.

Y = (AB + A’B’) (CD’ + C’D)

(b) Transform the given hexadecimal numbers to decimal.

(i) A8516        ii) E516        iii) B2F816

2)(a) Implement the following expressions with logic gates.

i) Y = AB + BCD + EFGH

ii) Y = (a + B) (C + D + E)

(b) Describe the procedure for converting binary to gray code number and vice-versa.  Give appropriate ex.

3) Simplify the following functions by using K – Map:-

(i) F(W,X,Y,Z) = WXY + X’Z’ + W’ XZ, in SOP form.

(ii) F(A,B,C,D) = Σd (2,4,10) in the POS form..

4) Implement the following two Boolean functions with PLA.

F1(A,B,C) = Σ(0,1,2,4)

F2(A,B,C) = Σ(0,5,6,7)

5)(a) Implement the following function by using multiplexer.

F(A,B,C,D) = Σ(0,1,3,4,8,9,15)

(b) Draw and realize a binary parallel adder to add two 4-bit binary numbers.

6) (a) Draw a BCD to Excess-3 code converted with a BCD – to – decimal decoder and OR gates.

(b) Create a 5 x 32 decoder with four 3 x 8 decoders and a 2 x 4 decoder.  Use block diagrams.

7)(a) prepare down the various kinds of hazards?  Describe in detail.

(b) Draw a 4-bit asynchronous converter by using JK Flip Flops.

8)(a) Draw a synchronous counter with states 0,1,2,3,0,1.  Use JK flip flops.

(b) Describe the meaning of state assignment and state reduction.

9) Compare the construction and performance of RTL, TTL & HTL families.

10) Describe the construction and working operation of a 4 x 4 RAM with a block diagram and timing diagram.

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