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1) Discuss the principle, construction and operation of the rotary furnaces. Describe the open hearth furnace with the help of neat sketch. describe any four kinds of patterns with a neat sketch. Describe any four kinds of sand moulding tests. describe the several methods in order to control Solidification?  describe about cleaning and inspection of castings in detail. Describe the principle and construction of centrifugal casting process.

2) a) Describe the full mould process in details.b) Discuss briefly the shell moulding process.a) prepare differences between the pressurized and un-pressurized gating systems? b) Describe how the slugs and dross are removed? Describe about the casting design considerations in detail. describe when will you prefer the turret lathe in place of a convectional lathe? Specify the elements that are used in hydraulic copying lathe.

3) describe the special attributes of sliding head type single spindle automatic machine? State any two feeding mechanism used in automatic lathe.describe the difference between gear shaping and gear hobbing? Describe what is the principle of gear generation? What are the machining operations carried out in the transfer machine? describe how automatic chip disposal is performed in a transfer machines? Specify the benefits of electro chemical machining? describe the use of abrasive jet machining.

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