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1) Four cylinder 2 stroke cycle petrol engine develops 23.5 kw brake power at 2500 rpm. Mean effective pressure on each piston in 8. 5 bar and mechanical efficiency in 85%. Compute the diameter and stroke of each cylinder assuming length of stroke equal to 1.5 times the diameter of cylinder.

2) Data given below to particular twin cylinder two stroke diesel engine. Bore 15 cm stroke. 20cm. speed 400 rpm. Indicated mean effective pressure 4bar, dead weight on the brake drum 650 N. Spring balance reading 25 N Diameter of the brake drum 1 m. Fuel consumption 0.075 kg/min and calorific value of the fuel is 44500 kj/J kg. Find out:

1. Indicated Power

2. Brake Power

3. Mechanical efficiency

4. Indicated thermal efficiency

5. Brake thermal efficiency

3) prepare down the different kinds of nozzles and their functions.

4) What do you mean by nozzle efficiency and critical pressure ratio?

5) Describe the phenomenon of super saturated expansion in steam nozzle. What is meant by metastable flow?

6) prepare down the function of fixed blades.

7) Categorize steam turbines.

8) Describe how does impulse work in detail.

9) What do you understand by carry over loss?

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