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Part A:

problem 1:

a) Describe the phases of research process.                     
b) describe various types of survey research approaches.                   

problem 2:   

a) List various categories of biomedical waste.
b) Describe the types of containers and their colour coding.
c) Discuss the segregation policies followed at your hospital.                 

Part B:

problem 3:

a) Discuss the role of infection control nurse in critical care unit.
b) Describe the infection control protocols that are followed in your hospital               

problem 4: describe the role of a nurse in transportation of critically ill patient.             

problem 5:

a) Describe and critically analyse the layout of critical care unit of your hospital.     
b) prepare various polices that are followed in CCU of your hospital.                     
problem 6:

a) describe the principles of supervision.
b) Describe the qualities of a good supervisor.
c) prepare the goals of staff-development programme.

problem 7:   

a) Describe the characteristic of experimental research.     
b) describe the three types of true experimental designs.                            

problem 8:

a) List down various types of AV aids.
b) prepare the importance of evidence based practice in nursing.               

Part C:

Querstion 9: Place tick mark (√) against the most appropriate answer given under each statement.
A) Disadvantages of chemical sterilization are all except:

  • Sterile transfer is difficult, because item are wet.
  • Chemically sterilized items can not be held in long term sterile storage.
  • Some chemicals have hazardous effects associated with exposure.
  • It requires special expensive equipment.   

B) The tendency to rate an employee lower than their performance during performance  appraisal is called:

  • Sunflower effect..
  • Horn Effect.
  • Halo error. 
  • Central tendency error. 

C) All are included in ethical principles except:

  • Accreditation
  • Veracity
  • Beneficence
  • Confidentiality

D) The research approach that is concerned with evaluation of data from past is called

  • Historical approach
  • Survey approach 
  • Experimental approach
  • Descriptive approach

E) All are the methods of sterilization except:

  • Boiling
  • Fumigation
  • Radiation
  • Autoclaving


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