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Section A - Descriptive problems


a) What is a cell? Briefly describe prokaryotic cell and its organization.

b) describe the term tissue. List down the types of animal tissues and describe anyone of them.


a) What is the composition of blood? Describe the physiology of anaemia.

b) Briefly discuss what antibodies are.


a) Briefly elaborate on the movements of gastro intestinal tract.

b) Briefly describe the functions of intestinal juices.


a) Give structure and composition of salivary gland.

b) Describe the different parts of small intestine. Briefly describe the functions of small intestine.


a) describe structure and functions of the nephron.

b) Briefly describe how kidneys maintain acid/base balance in the acid and an alkaline diet.

problem6)a) Describe the nerve cell morphology.

b) Describe the types and functions of the nerves which are a part of the peripheral nervous systems.

problem7)a) Briefly describe the parts of the brain referred to as the emotional brain.

b) Briefly discuss the neurons involved in contraction of the smooth muscles.

problem8) a) List the various organs involved in taste perception.

b) Briefly describe different types of papillae present in the tongue and their sensitivity to different stimuli.

problem9)a) prepare down the functions of growth hormone and describe the consequences of its hypo secretion and hyper secretion.

b) How does blood sugar level control insulin secretion? Briefly describe the complications when insulin secretion is affected.

problem10)a) What do you understand by endocrine gland? Enlist the main hormones secreted by these glands.

b) describe the functions of hormones secreted by thyroid gland.

Section B -OTQ (Objective Type problems)

problem1) Describe the following briefly in 2-3 sentences:-

i) Anterior pituitary

ii) Erythropoiesis

iii) Peristaltic movement

iv) Hypoxia

v) Cholesterol

vi) Ketone bodies

vii) Dialysis

viii) Porphyrins

ix) Hemodialysis

x) Osmosis

problem2) Give the functions of the following in our body.

i) Pineal gland

ii) Cochlea

iii) Bile

iv) Large intestive

v) Platelets

vi) Pyloric Orifice

vii) Urethra

viii) Adrenal gland

ix) Epinephrin

x) Glucagon

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