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1) Describe the combustion stage of the CI engines.

2) Describe the following in connection with the IC engines

i) Scavenging

ii) Lubrication

iii) Cooling system

3) In the trial of an engine working on Otto 4-cylinder, the following observations were made Bore: 25cm, Stroke:45cm, clearance volume:5780cm3 effective diameter of the brakeWheel:1.6m, Duration of trial:40min, Total no of revolutions:8080, Total no of explosions: 3520, Netload:920N, m.e.p:5.76bar , Gas used :7.66Cu meter, Abs pressure of gas :750 mm of mercury, Atmospheric temp 14o C, calorific value of gas:19530kJ/m3 at std temp and pr , Weight of water passing through the jacket :183kg, Temp of the jacket water at inlet :14oC, Temp of water at outlet :64oC, find out IP, BP, FP, mechanical efficiency, thermal efficiency, relative efficiency. Also sketch the heat balance sheet of the Engine

4) Describe the morse test for determining the indicated power of the multi cylinder engine.

5) A single stage double acting air-compressor running at the 300rpm delivers 15m3 of free air per min at 700kPa and 200oC. If the clearance volume is 8% of swept volume if the Index of compression and expansion are same. Determine: the swept volume of the piston and volumetric efficiency referred to

a) Intake conditions

b) Free air condition of 101kPa and 15oC.

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