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Part A:

problem 1:

a) Describe the meaning of the social mobilization?
b) Illustrate the stages of the social mobilization.
c) List out the uses of social mobilization.
d) describe your role as a health worker in the social mobilization.

problem 2:

a) State the meaning of a work plan.
b) Discuss the steps included in developing a work-plan.
c) describe the guidelines you as a community health nurse will follow in preparation of a work   plan at sub-centre.
d) Describe the techniques of participatory learning for action.

Part B:

problem 3:

a) State the meaning and main purpose of auditing.
b) describe the management of time.

problem 4:

a) State health.
b) Describe the spectrum of health.
c) describe the dimensions of health.

problem 5:

a) Enlist the principles of family health Nursing.
b) Describe the role of health worker in family health services.

problem 6:

a) List out the purposes of community map.
b) describe the steps you will as a community health nurse follow for making a community

problem 7:

a) Describe the purposes of efficient communication.
b) State the elements of communication.
c) describe the methods and media of communication that you will use while training traditional birth attendants.                                                
problem 8:

a) Describe the meaning of leadership.
b) describe the characteristics of an efficient leader

Part C:

problem 9: Place tick mark () against the most suitable answer given under each statement.

a) Budgeting aims at:

•    Financial planning and decision making.
•    Giving feedback for actual expenses.
•    Allocating budget to various activities.
•    Financial planning, decision making and giving feedback for actual expenses.

b) Secondary prevention means:

•    Action taken throughout pathogenesis period.
•    Action taken before occurrence of the diseases.
•    Action taken before and after occurrence of diseases.
•    Action taken throughout, before and after occurrence of the disease.

c) The Principle of supervision that focuses on accountability to one’s immediate supervisor is termed as:

•    Delegation of power.
•    Span of control.
•    Unity of command.
•    Authority.

d)  Proper technology means the technology which is:

•    Simple and locally available.
•    Affordable and culturally acceptable.
•    Scientifically sound.
•    Simple, locally available, affordable and scientifically sound.

e) National Rural Health Mission was begun in:

•    2002
•    2004
•    2005

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