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problem 1) Describe the following:

a) Co-enzymes.

b) Balanced diet.

c) Obesity

d) Myogenic heart.

e) Eosinophels.

f) Sphygmomano meter.

g) Internal Respiration.

h) Haemocyanin.

i) Bohr effect.

j) Bowman’s capsule.

k) Henle’s loop.

l) Reflex action.

m) Sertoli cells.

n) Oestrogen.

o) Prostrate gland.

problem 2)(a) How Carbohydrates are classified?

(b) Describe the Lock and key mechanism of Enzyme action.

problem 3)(a) Describe the origin of heart beat.

(b) Describe the process of blood coagulation.

problem 4)(a) Describe the CO2 transport from cells to lungs.

(b) Describe O2 dissociation curve.

problem 5)(a) Describe the mechanism of muscle contraction.

(b) describe types of muscles in detail.

problem 6)(a) What are male hormones? Add a note on its importance.

(b) prepare brief notes on hibernation.

problem 7) describe the factors affecting enzyme activity.

problem 8) describe internal structure of the human heart and describe the mechanism of blood circulation in human heart.

problem 9) Give an account on physiology of photo receptor.

problem 10) describe the various types of neurons.

problem 11) Hibernation is an adaptation to overcome the winter. – Describe.

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