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problem 1) Describe the following :

a) Wheel organ.

b) Ammocoetus larva.

c) Placoid scale.

d) Swim bladder.

e) Anadromous.

f) Enhydrina.

g) Quill feather.

h) Furcula.

i) Diphyodont dentition.

j) Echidna.

k) Metanephric kidney.

l) Sphenodon.

m) Hyla.

n) Antlers.

o) Ichthyosaccrus

problem 2)(a) Describe the important features of Amphiocus.

(b) What is Retrogressive metamorphosis? Describe with a appropriate ex.

problem 3)(a) Compare and contrast mechanism of respiration in shark and mullet.

(b) Describe the affinities of petromyzon.

problem 4) prepare short note on “Limbless amphibians”.

problem 5)(a) describe the respiratory system of a pigeon.

(b) Describe the adaptations of flying mammals.

problem 6)(a) describe the Architecture of Integument in a mammal with a well labelled diagram.

(b) Describe the affinities of Egg laying mammals.

problem 7) Classify protochordates upto orders with appropriate exs with a note on their Interrelationship.

problem 8) prepare a detailed account on the Neuromast organs of scoliodon.

problem 9) Describe the role of parental care in Amphibians.

problem 10) prepare the essay on “origin of Birds”.

problem 11) Compare the anatomy of Heart of reptile with mammal.

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