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1) prepare down advantages and limitations of velocity compounding.

2) What is meant by “nuclear fusion”? Describe how is it different from “nuclear fission”?

3) Sketch p-v and T-s diagram for a single stage reciprocating air compressor with 5% clearance.

4) What do you mean by “prewhirl” in a compressor?

5) Sketch a simple schematic diagram of vapour absorption system indicating its features.

6) Describe why refrigerants are selected that evaporator and condenser pressures are greater than atmospheric pressures?

7) Describe the effect of Altitude on Air Fuel ratio supplied by carburettor in detail.

8) prepare down two advantages of Magneto ignition system over battery ignition system.

9) What is meant by thermal conductivity? prepare down its units.

10) Describe the role played by convective heat transfer coefficient in Newton’s law of cooling in detail.

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