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problem 1: Describe unipolar encoding with an illustration. Give its drawbacks.

problem 2: Describe the difference between Manchester and differential Manchester encoding with an illustration?

problem 3: Define the term bipolar encoding?

problem 4: Illustrate the term AMI encoding.

problem 5: What basically PAM signifies? Describe in brief.

problem 6: Describe ASK and FSK with an illustration. Draw their frequency spectrum.

problem 7: What do you mean by PSK? Describe 2-PSK and 4-PSK. Can 8-PSK be generated? If yes, then describe how?

problem 8: Describe the fundamental concept of Amplitude Modulation and Frequency Modulation.

problem 9: If the bit rate of a signal is 1000bits/second, how many bits can be sent in the 5 seconds? How many bits in 1/5 second? And how many bits in 100 milliseconds?

problem 10: The given data stream is the unipolar encoded data. Determine the data stream? 

2422_data stream.jpg

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