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1) Describe the following terms as applied to methods of measurement.

a) Precision

b) Accuracy

c) Sensitivity and

d) Readability

2) What are the different types of errors arise during measurement? What are the causes for these errors?

3) What is meant by the comparator? describe the working of sigma comparator with a neat sketch? List the advantages and disadvantages of sigma comparator?

4) Describe the principle of Auto collimator? What are their applications?

5) How will you measure the effective diameter of a screw thread by two-wire method?

6) Describe the construction and the principle of Parkinson Gear Tester.

7) Describe the construction and principle of operation of Laser interferometer.

8) How is the Laser interferometer used for testing the Machine tools? describe.

9) With a simple sketch, describe a bridge type co-ordinate measuring machine.

10) prepare a brief note on the following:

a) Use of CMM in CNC

b) Computer aided inspection and

c) Machine vision.

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