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1) Find the frequency response of an open-loop op-amp?

2) Describe the operation of a basic differential amplifier.

3) Deduce the transfer characteristics of differential amplifier or draw transfer characteristics of dual input differential amplifier showing linear and limiting regions. describe in detail.

4) Sketch the active load for an emitter-coupled pair (differential amplifier) and carry out a detailed analysis to determine its differential mode gain and output resistance.

5) Draw a Widlar current source and get the expression for output current. Prove that widlar current source has improved sensitivity than constant current source.

6) Describe supply independent biasing technique using VBE as reference voltage. Also, determine the dependence of its output current on temperature.

7) Describe supply independent biasing using Zener-referenced bias circuit. Also, sketch a temperature compensated Zener-reference source.

8) describe in detail about the methods of frequency compensation.

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