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problem 1) Describe in detail mechanism of blood clotting and add a note on haemolytic disease of new born.

problem 2) Draw a neat well labelled diagram of interior of heart and describe cardiac cycle in detail.

problem 3) Solve the following problems:

i) Describe structure and function of liver.

ii) Describe physiology of respiration.

iii) Give definitions of following disorders:

a) Leukopenia

b) Leukocytosis

c) Thrombocytopenia

d) Polycythemia

e) Anemia

f) Angina Pectoris

g) Hypertension

h) Arteriosclerosis

i) Bronchitis

j) Hemophilia.

iv) Describe platelet plug formation.

v) Describe structure and function of plasma membrane

problem 4) prepare brief notes on:

i) Transport of materials across plasma membrane

ii) Nervous tissue

iii) WBCs

iv) ECG

v) Mechanism of breathing

vi) Stomach

vii) Lymph node.

problem 5) Name various cranial nerves. describe anatomy of spinal cord and comment on reflex arc.

problem 6) Draw a neat well labelled diagram of nephron and describe in detail physiology of urine formation.

problem 7) Solve the following:

i) Differentiate between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

ii) Describe structure of sperm and process of spermatogenesis.

iii) Describe synthesis, storage and release of thyroid hormones.

iv) Describe structure and function of skin.

v) Describe physiology of hearing.

problem 8) prepare brief notes on the following:

i) Renin angiotensin aldosterone system

ii) Hypothalamic hormones

iii) Ovaries

iv) Neurotransmission

v) Internal structure of eye

vi) Sperm

vii) Menstrual cycle.

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