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Answer the following problems in detail.

problem 1) describe the effect of dynamic balance in detail.

problem 2) prepare down the causes of producing inertia torques that effect steering? Describe in detail.

problem 3) Describe the effect of camber in a vehicle in detail.

problem 4) How is vibration in a vehicle, a factor for human discomfort? Describe in detail.

problem 5) Describe Holzer method for closed coupled system.

problem 6) Shock absorber is to be designed so that its overshoot is 10% of the initial displacement when released. Find out the damping factor. If damping factor is reduced to one half of its value, what will be the overshoot?

problem 7) Motor car has a wheel base of 2.743m and pivot centers 1.065m apart. Front and rear wheel track is 1.217m. Compute correct angle of outside lock and turning circle radius of outer front and inner rear wheels when an angle of inside lock is 40°.

problem 8) prepare a detailed note on vibration absorber.

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