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problem 1) describe the following:

a) Monohybrid Cross.

b) Rh factor.

c) Atavism

d) Quantitative inheritance.

e) Linkage group.

f) Chiasma.

g) Heterogametic males.

h) Sex limited genes.

i) Holandric genes.

j) Kappa particles.

k) Gene.

l) Polyploidy.

m) Pedigree chart.

n) Euphenics.

o) Patau’s syndrome.

problem 2)(a) Describe complementary genes with suitable ex.

b) Describe the inheritance of coat colour in rabbit.

problem 3)(a) Describe the mechanism of crossing over.

(b) What do you mean by linkage? Describe the views of various geneticists about linkage.

problem 4)(a) Describe sex linked inheritance with a appropriate ex.

(b) Describe the inheritance of baldness in man.

problem 5)(a) Describe the various types of point mutations.

(b) Describe the fine structure of gene.

problem 6)(a) Describe Hardy-Weinberg law and mention its applications.

(b) Give an account of Klinefelter’s syndrome.

problem 7) Define and describe Mendel’s law of Independent Assortment with suitable ex.

problem 8) Describe the characteristics and mechanism of polygenic inheritance with a suitable ex.

problem 9) Discuss the mechanism of sex determination in Drosophila and man.

problem 10) describe the mode of inheritance of shell coiling in Limnaea.

problem 11) Give an account of measures to be adopted for human betterment.

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