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problem 1)a) describe multimedia in detail. Describe the various kinds of applications of multimedia communication.

b) What is the origin of term VOIP?

problem 2)a) Describe various kinds of multipoint conferencing.

b) Find out the rate of sampler and bandwidth of band limiting filter in the encoder that is to be used for digitization of an analog signal which has bandwidth from 15Hz through to 10kHz supposing the digitized signal:

i) Is to be stored within a memory of the computer.

ii) Is to be transmitted over the channel that has a bandwidth 200Hz through to 3.4kHz.

problem 3) How JPEG compression takes place describe in detail with the help of suitable ex.

problem 4)a) Describe BMP, PNG and AVI multimedia file formats for multimedia.

b) What are high speed modems? Describe its working in detail.

problem 5)a) Describe entropy encoding and source encoding. Also describe how Huffman code tree is constructed?

b) What do you mean by compression? Describe the lossless and lossy compression.

problem 6)a) Describe the various knds of multimedia information representation.

b) Describe the standard related to interpersonal communication in multimedia.

problem 7)a) Describe packet switched network in detail.

b) prepare a detailed note on video conferencing.

problem 8) prepare brief note on following:

i) Audio/Video Streaming

ii) Circuit Switched network

iii) Run length encoding.

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