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problem 1)a) describe the recent trends in computer Hardware and Software in CAD/CAM industry.

b) Illustrate that:

i) Translation is commutative.

ii) Mirror and 2D rotation about Z axis are not commutative.

iii) Scaling and 2D rotation about Z axis are commutative.

problem 2)a) Distinguish between CORE and GKS graphics standard. Also describe salient feature.

b) What is mapping of a geometric model. Describe the general mapping matrix.

problem 3)a) What are various types of computer animation? Describe with appropriate ex.

b) Describe IGES file format with simple ex.

problem 4)a) Describe the mechanism of “Undo” command in CAD software with reference to transformation.

b) describe the method of data communication in serial and parallel modes.

problem 5)a) Derive concatenated transformation matrix for rotation about an arbitrary point.

b) Describe the following terms related to Networking: Network Server, Transmission Media, Modem, Get way

problem 6)a) Describe B-rep and C-rep approach to solid modelling. Describe Hybrid approach?

b) What are the various pitfalls in the simulation? How they can be avoided.

problem 7)a) What is shape function? Describe it with respect to a typical three-node quadratic element with figure.

b) Describe C0, C1and C2 parametric continuity.

problem 8)a) Derive the expression for stiffness matrix for a two nodded two-dimensional pin joined truss element.

b) describe in brief types of Simulation approaches.

problem 9)a) prepare the formulae for Bezier-Bernstein blending functions for a five point curve and represent the Bezier curve in the matrix form.

b) How effect of temperature is taken care in Finite Element Analysis in a spar or link element?

problem 10)a) What do you understand by parametric representation of curves? Discuss the advantages of parametric representation.

b) What is Local and Global Coordinate system? For 1-D spar element derive the relationship between local and global coordinate system.

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