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problem 1)(a) Derive the relationship between flexibility matrix and stiffness matrix.

(b) What are the different types of frames? prepare brief notes on them.

problem 2) What do you understand by the “gap” in the market? How can a service provider can identify and bridge these gaps?

problem 3) Develop the flexibility matrix for the simply supported beam AB with reference to the coordinates shown in Figure.


problem 4) Analyse the frame by flexibility matrix method.

548_Flexibility matrix.jpg

problem 5) Describe in detail, the analysis of plane frame elements with neat sketches.

problem 6) Analyse the continuous beam by stiffness method.


problem 7) Analyse the frame shown in figure by Cantilever method.

1007_Cantilever method.jpg

problem 8) describe the portal method of analysis the frame with exs.

problem 9) Describe in detail, the step by step procedure of design of simple rectangular frames.

problem 10) Design the control to carry a factored load of 500 kN at a distance of 200 mm from the face of a 300 x 300 mm column. Suppose that grade 30 concrete is used for construction.

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