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Section A - Descriptive problems


a) What is food microbiology? Briefly describe the microorganisms in fermented foods.

b) describe the beneficial and harmful effect of micro-organisms in the context of microbiology?

problem2)a) Define the term food hazards. List down the factors affecting food safety and describe any one of the factors.

b) Elaborate on recent concerns to food safety.

problem3)a) Briefly discuss the microorganisms present in milk, meat and fruits.

b) What are the GRAS chemicals used in the food industry. describe in brief.

problem4)a) Differentiate food borne infections and food borne toxic infections, giving suitable exs.

b) What are mycotoxins. Discuss the significant mycotoxins affecting humans.

problem5)a) Define and classify food contamination.

b) Briefly describe the toxic effects of environmental contaminants.

problem6)a) What are the different classes of food additives? Enlist and describe their role in foods?

b) What is the reason for adding colour to foods? List the synthetic food colours permitted for use in India and the foods which include these.

problem7)a) Define the term food adulteration according to the PFAAct and discuss the reasons for food adulteration with exs.

b) Briefly discuss ill effects of different adulterants added in milk, oil and food colours.

problem8)a) describe the term food handler. Discuss how food handler can act as the important source of transmitting food borne diseases.

b) Briefly describe why employers need to maintain good personal hygiene.

problem9)a) What do you understand by the term packaging? describe major types of rigid packaging containers.

b) Enumerate the functions of food packaging. Discuss how the moisture content of food influences the types of packaging material?


a) Describe the principles of risk communication.

b) describe the seven principles of HACCP.

Section B-OTQ (Objective Type problems)


Illustrate the relationship between the following:

a) Canning and Food Preservation

b) Temperature and Growth of micro-organism.

c) Toxic heavy metal and Food chain.

d) Interaction between food and packaging material.

e) Role of government and risk communication.

f) PH and Spoilage of Meat.

g) Nutrition Labelling and Nutrition Claims.

h) Antinutritional factors and Food contamination.

i) ERH and Deteriorative changes in foods.

j) Infective hepatitis and Oral Faecal Route.

problem2) Describe the following briefly in 2 or 3 sentences each:

i) Absolute food safety

ii) Genetically modified foods

iii) Water activity

iv) Thermophiles

v) Plasmotysis

vi) Candling

vii) Veno-occlusive disease

viii) Prions

ix) Botulism

x) Alkaloid

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