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problem 1: Describe about the addressing modes of 8051 µc.

problem 2: prepare about Arithmetic, logical and branch instructions of 8051 µc.

problem 3: prepare an ALP which multiplies two 8-bit operands which are stored in RB0, RB1 and place the result in RB2.

problem 4: prepare an 8051 program to generate 2 kHz square waves on P1.0 of port1 by using Timer0 auto reload mode

problem 5: prepare a program to receive a serial byte via RXD.

problem 6: prepare an ALP to add the byte in external RAM location 02CDH to internal RAM location 19H & put the result in to external RAM locations 00C0H(LSB) & 00C1H(MSB). Place comments on each line of code.

problem 7: Define the term embedded system? prepare all the applications of embedded systems.

problem 8: Describe about the embedded system design process.

problem 9: What are the characteristics and constraints of an embedded system? 

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