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problem 1)a) What is pulse amplitude modulation ? Describe A.M. in details.

b) Describe function of optoelectronics in Printing Technology.

problem 2)a) What is channel capacity ? Describe different data transmission channels.

b) What do you understand by modulation? Describe pulse code modulation.

problem 3)a) Describe data encryption and decryption.

b) Describe Pulse width modulation with suitable diagram (waveforms).

problem 4)a) prepare brief notes on:

1) Time division multiplexing (TDM)

2) Frequency division multiplexing (FDM).

b) Define “Sampling theorem”. Describe the importance of sampling in signal processing.

problem 5)a) Describe the problems of long distance transmission.

b) prepare brief notes on:

1) Videotext

2) Teletext.

problem 6)a) What are various channel interferences? Describe noise interface.

b) Describe companding using suitable diagram.

problem 7)a) Describe any four types of optocouplers with the help of appropriate diagrams.

b) Describe working principle of LASER with appropriate diagram.

problem 8)a) Describe working of LASER printer.

b) Differentiate between photodiode and avalanche photodiode.

problem 9)a) Draw and describe block diagram of basic fiber optic communication system.

b) Draw and describe different types of fiber optic cables.

problem 10)a) describe different losses in fiber optic cable with suitable diagrams.

) Differentiate between step index and graded index fiber.

problem 11)a) Describe smart ticket application using RFID.

b) Describe Wi-Fi technology.

problem 12)a) Describe application of RFID in field of printing in detail .

b) Describe sheet thickness measurement application.

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