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problem 1: Define Irreversibility and the factors which cause irreversibility in the thermodynamic processes.

problem 2: A gas whose original pressure, volume and temperatures were 140 kN/m2, 0.1 m3 and 25o C respectively is compressed such that its new pressure is 700 kN/m2 and the new temperature is 60oC. Find out the new volume of the gas.

problem 3: A closed system receives 105 kJ of heat while it performs 130 kJ of work. Find out the change in internal energy.

problem 4: An input of 1 kW – hr of work into a system into a closed system increases internal energy of the system by 2000 kJ. Find out how much heat is lost from the system.

problem 5: A quantity of gas occupies a volume of 0.28 m3 at a pressure of 120 kN/m2 and a temperature of 25oC. The gas is compressed isothermally to a pressure of 600 kN/m2 and then expanded adiabatically to its initial volume. Find out:

a) Heat received or rejected during compression.

b) Mass of the gas and (c) the change in internal energy during expansion. Suppose γ = 1.4 and Cp = 1.0 kJ/kg K for this gas.

problem 6: The initial volume of 0.18 kg of a certain gas was 0.15 m3 at a temperature 15oC and pressure of 1 kg/cm2. After adiabatic compression to 0.056 m3 the pressure found to be 4 kg/cm2. Find out:

a) Ratio of specific heats.

b) Change of internal energy.

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