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There are number of business functions in an Engineering Organisation, such as: Product Design Office, Marketing, Customer Service, Technical and Maintenance Service, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance as well as Health and Safety. SMC is an engineering organisation, specialised in manufacturing and commercialising of pneumatic products. Through your knowledge and understanding, of the functions of an engineering organisation and for not more than 200 words per task, you are expected to answer the following problems:

1 Define engineering business functions

1.1 Outline the inter-relationships between the different processes and functions of an engineering organisation

1.2 Organise work activities to meet specifications and standards

2 Create appropriate costing systems and techniques for specific engineering business functions

2.1 Measure the impact of changing activity levels on engineering business performance

3 describe the financial planning process in an engineering business

3.1 Examine the factors influencing the decision-making process during financial planning

3.2 Analyse standard costing techniques

4 Establish the project resources and requirements

4.1 Produce a plan with appropriate time-scales for completing the project

4.2 Plan the human resource requirement and costs associated with each stage of the project.

5 Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions

6 Select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniques

7 Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions

8 Take responsibility for managing and organising activities

The aim of this assignment is to:

Investigate the functions, structures and inter-relationships of an engineering business.

Learners will apply the skills of costing, financial planning and control associated with engineered products or services.

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