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1. What do you mean by Ideal voltage source?

2. Determine the impedance of the circuit in which voltage v = 75 sin(5000t + 45o) V and current is i=1.5 cin (5000t - 45o) A.

3. Determine the Q factor of the series circuit consists of resister 12Ω and inductance 0.12H supplied with a 100v, 50 Hz source.

4. Define Maximum power transfer theorem.

5. Find the laplace transform of sinωt.

6. Symmetrical 3 phase, 400V system supplies balanced star connected load.  Current in each branch circuit is 20 A and the phase angle is 40o lag.  Determine the total power.

7. Coil of resistance 40Ω and inductance 0.75H form the part of a series circuit for which resonant frequency is 55Hz.  If supply is 250V, 50Hz determine a) Line current b) the power factor c) Voltage across the coil.

8. Deduce the step voltage response equation for the series RLC circuit.

9. What do you mean by complex frequency?  Describe how it can be interpreted physically?

10. Two coupled coils with respective self inductances L1 = 0.8H and L2 = 0.2 H have a coupling coefficient of 0.6. Coil 2 has 500 turns. If current in coil 1 is I1(t) = 10 sin 200t, find the voltage across the coil 2 and the maximum flux set up by the coil 1.

11. Three phase 4-wire 208 V ABC system supplies a star connected load in which ZA = 10 L10oΩ, ZB = 15L 30o Ω and  ZC = 10L-30oΩ.  Determine the line currents, the neutral current and the load power.

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