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1) A rectangular block of material is subjected to the tensile stress of 110 N/mm2 plane at right angles to former. Each of above stress is accompanied by the shear stress of 63 N/mm2 with former tensile stress tends to rotate the block anticlockwise. Determine:
a) The direction and magnitude of each of principal stress and
b) Magnitude of greatest shear stress.

2) A metallic bar 300mm x 100mm x 40mm is subjected to the force of 5KN (tensile), 6KN (tensile) and 4KN (tensile) along x, y, z directions respectively. Find the change in the volume of on one plane and a tensile stress of 47 N/mm2 and that associated block. Consider E=2X105 N/mm2,, μ=0.25.

3) Develop the appropriate diameter for the circular shaft necessary to transmit 90KW at 180 rpm. The shear stress in shaft is not to exceed 70 N/mm2 by 40%. Also determine the angle of twist in the length of 2m. Consider C=0.8x105N/mm2 and maximum torque exceeds the mean torque

4) A leaf spring 75cm long is needed to carry the central proof load of 8KN. If the central deflection is not to exceed 2cm and the bending stress is not to exceed 200MPa, find the thickness, width and number of plates. Suppose the width of the plate is 1.2 times the thickness and E=2x105N/mm2

5) Deduce the Bernoulli’s equation from Euler’s equation of motion.

6)  An orifice meter with orifice diameter 15cm is inserted within the pipe of 30cm diameter. The pressure on the upstream and downstream of orifice meter is 14.7N/cm2and 9.81 N/cm2 respectively. Detrmine the discharge Cod =0.6.

7) A centrifugal pump runs at 1000rpm with their vane angles at inlet and outlet as 200 and 35°respectively. The internal and external diameters are 25cm and 50cm respectively. Determine the work done/kg of water assuming velocity of flows as constant. Water enters radically through the pump.

8)  A double acting reciprocating pump running at 50 rpm, delivers 900 litres of water per minute. The pump has a stroke of 400 mm. The diameter of piston is 250 mm. The delivery and suction heads are 25 m and 4 m respectivey. Find the slip of the pump and power required to drive the pump.

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