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1)(a) Deduce the magnetic boundary conditions.

(b) illustrate that for the good conductor ∇ x H = JI.

2)(a) A 400 turns solenoid winding is 1m long and has the diameter of 0.1m. Compute the self inductance of winding.

(b) Two coils of self inductance of 0.5H and 0.8H with negligible resistances are connected in series. If their mutual inductance is 0.2H, find out the effective inductance of combination.

(c) The iron ring has the mean circumference of 120cm and the cross sectional area of 8cm2. It is wound with 180 turns.  When it is carrying 2A, flux is found to be 1 mwb.  Determine the permeability of iron at this flux density?

3)(a) Find  the expression for force between two current carrying conductors.

(b) Deduce an expression for inductance of Co-axial cable.

4) Deduce Maxwell’s equations for time varying fields in point form and integral form.

5) Find the point form and integral form of poynting vector.

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