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1) Describe the following in detail:

(a) Density

(b) Specific weight

(c) Surface tension

(d) Compressibility

2) Hydraulic press has ram of 30 cm diameter and a plunger of 4.5cm diameter, determine the weight lifted by hydraulic press when force applied the plunger is= 500N.

3) Deduce Bernoulli’s equation for flow of an incompressible frictionless fluid from consideration of momentum.

4) Determine the expression for discharge over rectangular weir in terms of head of water over crest of a weir.

5) Nozzle of 25mm diameter discharges 0.76 m3. of water per minute when head is 60m. Diameter of the jet is 22.5mm compute:

(a) coefficient of contraction

(b) coefficient of discharge

(c) coefficient of velocity.

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